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Nostalgic elegance reborn. Journey back in time with classic makeup styles, modernized for today’s trendsetters

Bengali Bridal Makeup

With Deena’s Makeovers, enter marital happiness and develop the best of Bengali Bridal Makeup. Los yourself in the wealth of artistic tradition in Bengal with iconic touches that embody the spirit of a traditional Bengali wedding.

We specialize in bridal wear that is carefully designed to make you radiate timeless glamour on your big day. From the bright colors to intricate details, we create Bengali bridal elegance like no other. Deena’s Makeovers will make you feel like a real vision on your special day, so trust no one else.

Book your appointment right now to avail the best Bengali Bridal Makeup service in Ruby, Kolkata with our proficient experts who will make you look like a stunning bride. Deena’s Makeovers is the best-known wedding makeup artist in Ruby, Kolkata. With us by your side, you can elevate your wedding experience.

Enjoy the mystic enchantment of Bengal with Deena’s Makeovers‘ offering –Bengali Reception Makeup service. Plunge into the harmony of abundant historical background and contemporary beauties as we create looks that strike a chord with the very essence of the Bengali allure.

With our expertise, we can make sure you do it with grace and poise on every special occasion, be it post-wedding galas or sophisticated evening events. Let us turn you into a stunning sight that steals hearts and lingers in memories.

Make today your moment of enchantment and visit the finest makeup artist in Ruby, Kolkata— – Deena’s Makeovers. Finally, we will design looks that showcase your best features and turn you into the picture of grace on your big day. Book now to absorb the unique combination of tradition and modernity with Deena’s Makeovers in Kolkata.

North Indian Bridal Makeup


Allow yourself to feel the living colors of the North Indian region with the help of Deena’s Makeovers’ North India Bridal Makeup service. Classical beauty meets modern techniques So, remember to hold onto the timeless elegance in blending traditional aesthetics with contemporary methods which will ensure you shine classically on your grand day.

Perfect for big North Indian weddings or related celebrations, our well trained professionals ensure every bride is stunningly transformed. We focus on the natural beauty at Deena’s Makeovers and build upon it using skilled artistry.

Book your appointment now to enjoy the ultimate beauty of North Indian Bridal MakeUp designed by best North indian makeup artist in Ruby, Kolkata. Let us make your wedding day one worth remembering through our professionalism and attention to detail. Book today for an Indian wedding ritual makeover that echoes the grandness and majesty of North Indian sensibilities.

Rajasthani Bridal Makeup

Deena’s Makeovers; a Rajasthani bridal makeup service takes you on a journey into the rich heritage of Rajasthan. Let us do up your beauty with royal makeup styles that are fit for a real Rajasthani bride.

For those who seek perfection for grand weddings or themed events, our experience guarantees you shine with traditional splendor on your wedding day, manifesting the richness and beauty of Rajasthan. Deena’s Makeovers brings Rajasthan to life, through skillful artistry and fine details.

Book now to reserve your time and feel the peak of Rajasthani Bridal Make Up by the top Rajasthani Bridal Makeup artist in Ruby, Kolkata. 0 Let us make your wedding day into a royal affair and splendid moment, as we transform you into an image of regal beauty.

Maharashtrian Makeup


Experience the essence of Maharashtra with Deena’s Makeover’s specialized Maharashtrian Makeup service. Embrace the traditional elegance with unique makeup techniques that highlight your features and complement your attire.

Perfect for weddings, festivals, or cultural events, our service ensures you shine with authenticity and grace. Book now for a tailor-made Maharashtrian beauty experience.

Christian Bridal Makeup


Walk the aisle in ethereal beauty with Deena’s Makeover’s Christian Bridal Makeup service. Inspired by timeless elegance, our makeup accentuates the serenity and joy of holy matrimony.

Tailored for church weddings or Christian ceremonies, our expertise ensures you shine with a divine glow. Book your session and let your beauty echo the sanctity of your vows.

South Indian Bridal Makeup

Embody the rich heritage of the South with Deena’s Makeover’s South Indian Bridal Makeup. Celebrating the region’s deep-rooted traditions, our makeup complements intricate jewelry and vibrant sarees.

Perfect for classical Kanchipuram weddings or other Southern rituals, our touch ensures you radiate with timeless grace and poise. Secure your date for a mesmerizing South Indian bridal transformation.

Muslim Bridal Makeup


Experience the grandeur of tradition with Deena’s Makeover’s Muslim Bridal Makeup. Reflecting the rich tapestry of Islamic culture, our makeup enhances your beauty with age-old elegance and modern finesse.

Perfect for the Nikah ceremony or Walima celebrations, our touch ensures you emanate regal charm and grace. Book now to embrace the timeless allure of Muslim bridal magnificence.

Engagement Makeup


Mark the beginning of forever with Deena’s Makeover’s Engagement Makeup service. As promises are exchanged, let your beauty mirror the depth of emotions.

Curated for that special ‘yes’, our makeup intertwines romance with elegance. Perfect for your ring ceremony, our expertise makes sure you glow like the diamond you wear. Book now for a captivating engagement look

Party Makeup


Steal the spotlight with Deena’s Makeover’s Party Makeup service. Capturing the essence of celebration, our makeup fuses contemporary trends with classic charm.

Ideal for any festive gathering, from birthdays to anniversaries, our artistry ensures you shine in every crowd. Book your transformation now and let your beauty be the conversation starter at every event.

Cocktail Party Makeup

Dazzle and delight with Deena’s Makeover’s Cocktail Party Makeup service. Elevate your evening look with the perfect blend of glamour and elegance tailored for festive soirées.

Suited for swanky gatherings or intimate evenings, our makeup ensures you’re the toast of the night. Schedule your session and step into the spotlight with unmatched grace and allure.

Corporate Party Makeup

Stand out with poise at your next event with Deena’s Makeover’s Corporate Party Makeup.

Merging professional elegance with a touch of glam, our makeup caters to the modern corporate maven. Perfect for company celebrations, launches, or dinners, our approach ensures you make a statement while exuding class. Book today and elevate your corporate soirée presence.

Haldi Makeup

Embrace the golden glow of traditions with Deena’s Makeover’s Haldi Makeup service. As you bask in the pre-wedding rituals, our makeup captures the essence of purity and joy.

Perfect for the radiant haldi ceremony, our touch enhances your natural beauty, complementing the auspicious turmeric hues. Schedule now for a luminous, ethereal glow on this special day.

Sangeet Makeup

Airbrush makeup (Sangeet look)

Light up the dance floor with Deena’s Makeover’s Sangeet Makeup service. As the melodies play and hearts rejoice, let your look echo the festive vibrancy.

Designed for the lively sangeet night, our makeup ensures you gleam with both tradition and trend. Book your session to shimmer, sparkle, and sway with unparalleled beauty and grace.

Rice Ceremony Makeup

Capture the essence of traditions with Deena’s Makeover’s Rice Ceremony Makeup. As your little one reaches milestones, our makeup reflects the joy and warmth of the occasion.

Designed for this significant rite of passage, our expertise ensures you look every bit the proud and radiant parent. Schedule your session to celebrate this cherished ritual in utmost grace.

Baby Shower Makeup

Cherish the glow of motherhood with Deena’s Makeover’s Baby Shower Makeup. As you celebrate new beginnings, our makeup accentuates your radiant joy and excitement.

Tailored for your special day, be it traditional or contemporary, our touch ensures you look and feel like the queen of the occasion. Book now and embrace the tender glow of anticipation beautifully.

Pre Wedding Shoot Makeup

Frame your love story with Deena’s Makeover’s Pre Wedding Shoot Makeup. As moments turn into memories, our makeup crafts the dreamy ambiance of romance and passion.

Tailored for outdoor captures, themed shots, or candid moments, our expertise ensures every photo mirrors your love’s essence. Book now to paint your pre-wedding narrative with strokes of beauty and emotion.

Fashion Shoot Makeup

Turn visions into visuals with Deena’s Makeover’s Fashion Shoot Makeup. Tailored to spotlight trends and elevate styles, our makeup becomes the unseen thread that binds themes and looks.

Suited for editorial spreads, catalogues, or runway previews, our expertise ensures models embody the designer’s essence. Collaborate now for makeup that speaks the language of contemporary fashion eloquently.

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